For some, owning a home is considered a symbol of achieving prosperity and the American Dream. This month, Indiana and the nation are promoting homeownership by raising awareness about organizations that can help in the process and resources available to Hoosiers who want to become homeowners.

According to the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA), Indiana’s homeownership rate is 70.5 percent, which remains well above the national average of 63.5 percent. IHCDA works to increase this number by promoting self-sufficiency and strengthening communities in order to build a sustainable quality of life for all Hoosiers in the community of their choice. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Indiana Builders Association also work tirelessly to help make the American Dream a reality.

Homeownership provides a strong foundation to help support a family, start a business or fund education through home equity. House Republicans remain committed to responsible government spending, low taxes and investment in our communities in order to make owning a home a reality for residents in Indiana.