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July 2016

We are now accepting applications for our 2017 internships!

The House Republican Internship Program is a unique opportunity to participate in state government at the Indiana Statehouse while gaining hands-on experience. This paid program during the spring semester allows interns to immerse themselves in the legislative process by working directly with state representatives.

The internship is open to college sophomores, juniors and seniors, graduate students, and recent graduates of all majors. Interns receive a bi-weekly compensation of $700 and opportunities to earn college credits. This is a full-time position at the Statehouse in Indianapolis for the length of the legislative session, which runs January through April.

Interns will be placed in one of five departments:

  • Legislative: Interns will be paired with a full-time legislative assistant as they work directly with an assigned group of state representatives. Some of the responsibilities include: tracking legislation, working with constituents and researching legislative questions or problems.
  • Communications: Interns will be paired with a full-time press secretary as they assist with media relations for an assigned group of state representatives. Some of the responsibilities include: writing press releases, audio and video production, social media, arranging interviews with reporters, photography and covering press conferences.
  • Technology: Interns will help provide technical support to the caucus for laptops and tablets, and assist with the livestreaming of official house business online.
  • Fiscal Policy: Intern will work with the fiscal staff on issues that directly relate to the state‚Äôs finances and biennial budget.
  • Policy: Intern will work alongside the policy staff in tracking and analyzing legislation.

The House Republican Internship Program is a great opportunity to make valuable contacts while building your resume. To learn more about internship opportunities and the application process, visit


A new law will help ease the financial challenges faced by many Hoosiers with disabilities.

In 2013, the federal government enacted the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, allowing people with disabilities to set up tax-free savings accounts. The money in these savings accounts may be used to pay for services including medical and dental care, education, employment training, housing and transportation. Under this new law, Indiana established its own ABLE Program.

The ABLE Act provides individuals with disabilities the same types of flexible savings tools that all other Americans have through college savings accounts, health savings accounts and individual retirement accounts. It will allow those with disabilities to plan and save for future qualified expenses, which will benefit both their families and our communities.

Also, those with developmental disabilities will be able to better avoid misunderstandings as a result of another new law.

Hoosiers may request an identification card from the Indiana State Department of Health indicating that they are medically diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or another developmental disability. These cards are not required, but cardholders who choose to use them will likely be able to better communicate to officers or anyone else that they have a disability. These have proven useful in the event that if, for instance, autistic behavior is mistaken for noncompliance or aggression.

House Republicans support opportunities for each Hoosier to have a high quality of life.

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