Teachers provide our children with the tools and resources they need to be successful. To recognize educators and their vital roles, the country is celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week throughout May 1-5. This is a great opportunity to make sure our educators know how much we value them and their contributions to our students.

Even the smallest act of kindness can help show your gratitude, like sharing a picture of yourself with an influential teacher, a picture of your child with their teacher or a picture of yourself with a simple thank you message on social media using #TeacherAppreciationWeek.

House Republicans understand that our educators greatly impact the lives of their students and need support to succeed in the classroom. This year, we addressed issues associated with ISTEP and built on legislation from last year to effectively replace the test with a newer, more efficient statewide assessment. Learn more here.

We also passed legislation that helps reward teachers for pursuing higher degrees.

Thank you, State Reps. Tony Cook, Wendy McNamara and Jeff Thompson. As teachers and public servants, you all work tirelessly to make Indiana a great place for our children.

Regardless of how you and your family participate in National Teacher Appreciation Week, let’s make sure our Hoosier educators know they’re valued.