National Firework Safety Month wraps up July 4. On this day, many Hoosiers will celebrate our nation’s independence with American traditions by barbecuing, visiting a parade or carnival and, of course, setting off fireworks.

Please keep in mind these safety tips so we can all safely enjoy the holiday together.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase fireworks. Minors must have an adult present when in possession of fireworks. When lighting fireworks, you must be on your own property, on the property of someone who has given you permission to, or at a location designated by the Indiana State Fire Marshall for discharging fireworks.

Through July 9, fireworks can be set off from 9 a.m. until two hours after sunset. The Fourth of July is an exception, where you can use fireworks until midnight. However, town ordinances may vary. If you have any questions, your local officials are a good resource.

Fireworks are dangerous and need to be handled properly. To prevent accidents, don’t let children handle fireworks without adult supervision and keep a fire extinguisher or water supply nearby. Never smoke or drink alcohol while handling fireworks. Stay in a clear, open area and never aim, point or throw fireworks at another person. Never attempt to relight, alter or repair any firework item and do not attempt to make your own.

Remember to be courteous when lighting off fireworks as there may be veterans and others in the area who are startled by the loud noises.

House Republicans wish everyone a fun and safe Independence Day!