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July 2017

Helping small businesses

If you are a small-business owner, please help identify any unnecessary or duplicative state reporting requirements by clicking here.

This link takes you to a short, confidential survey where you can identify situations when you were required by state law, rule or guideline to submit similar information to at least two state agencies. This information can include notifications, tax reports, employment data and other statistical data.

Often, employers spend unnecessary time and resources trying to meet redundant reporting requirements, which can hinder efficiency and performance. Because employers have firsthand experience with these regulations, they are in the best position to point out those that are unneeded.

Answers collected from the survey could help shape future legislation as part of the effort to reduce government regulations and costs, and streamline processes to make our state more efficient and appealing to businesses.

Earlier this year, U.S. News and World Report ranked Indiana as the best-run state in America based on fiscal responsibility, streamlined operations and enhanced transparency. House Republicans are working to continue the state’s momentum by improving government efficiency, which ultimately saves taxpayer dollars and helps the economy.

The application deadline for the 2018 Indiana House Republican Internship Program is Oct. 31!

The House Republican Internship Program is a unique opportunity for students to participate in state government at the Indiana Statehouse while gaining hands-on experience. This paid internship allows interns to immerse themselves in the legislative process by working directly with state representatives and professional staff.

The spring semester internship is open to college sophomores, juniors and seniors, graduate students, and recent graduates of all majors. Interns receive a bi-weekly compensation of $750 and opportunities to earn college credits. This is a full-time position at the Statehouse in Indianapolis for the duration of the 2018 legislative session, which runs January through March.

Interns will be placed in one of four departments:

  • Legislative: Interns will be paired with a full-time legislative assistant as they work directly with an assigned group of state representatives. Some of the responsibilities include: tracking legislation, working with constituents and researching legislative questions or problems.
  • Communications: Interns will be paired with a full-time press secretary as they assist with media relations for an assigned group of state representatives. Some of the responsibilities include: writing press releases, audio and video production, social media, arranging interviews with reporters, photography and covering press conferences.
  • Fiscal Policy: Intern will work with the fiscal staff on issues that directly relate to the state’s finances and biennial budget.
  • Policy: Intern will work alongside the policy staff in tracking and analyzing legislation.

The House Republican Internship Program is a great opportunity to make valuable contacts while building your resume. To learn more about internship opportunities and the application process, watch these informational videos about each position and visit


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