Looking for a last-minute gift for the holidays? Investing in a child’s future has never been easier!

Indiana’s CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan helps families save for post-secondary education expenses. These plans make it easier than ever to start saving for higher education early with flexible investment options, a generous state tax incentive for contributions to a savings account, an affordable minimum contribution amount of $10, and easy ways for families and friends to contribute.

Accounts grow tax-free as long as the money is withdrawn to pay for qualified education expenses like books, tuition, room and board, computers, and other fees. Account beneficiaries may use their savings at any college or university that accepts federal financial aid, not just Indiana institutions.

Thanks to Indiana’s CollegeChoice 529 Plans, more than $4 billion has been invested in more than 330,000 accounts, helping make higher education more accessible for young Hoosiers.

To learn more or to open a CollegeChoice 529 account, visit www.collegechoicedirect.com.