April 15 is the last day students can file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The FAFSA helps colleges determine a student’s eligibility for state and federal financial aid and need-based scholarships. Many Hoosiers lose the opportunity to receive financial aid every year by missing this important filing deadline.

Students not interested in pursuing a four-year degree at a college or university can still receive financial aid for work-based training. By filing the FAFSA, students could receive a Workforce Ready Grant, a new grant offered to high school students entering the workforce after graduation. This program allows high school graduates who are 18 years and older to receive tuition-free training to prepare them for high-demand, high-wage jobs.

Regardless of income level, every student should file a FAFSA each year.

The easiest way to file the FAFSA is online at FAFSA.gov. For more information, click here.