From cooking burgers on the grill to splashing around at the local pool, it’s important to keep safety in mind during National Safety Month and the rest of the summer season.

When out on the water, it’s not only crucial to keep an attentive eye on children, but also important to put on sunscreen. The Environmental Protection Agency reports more than 3.5 million new cases of skin cancer in the United States each year. To help protect your skin from the sun, experts advise using sunscreen and finding shade when the sun is at its peak from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. To learn more, click here.

Once the sun has set, remember to stay safe at the bonfire and while grilling. The National Fire Protection Association warns to never leave a lit grill or fire unattended and to be sure it is a safe distance from any building. Visit here for other tips on grilling and bonfire safety.

If you’re planning on shooting off fireworks, take extra precautions. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, emergency rooms saw more than 11,100 injuries nationwide relating to fireworks in 2016. Most fireworks should not be held when lit. Even sparklers, which are meant to be held, can reach up to 1,200 degrees and cause third degree burns when not handled properly. Don’t let children light fireworks and make sure to keep them and any pets a safe distance from the launching zone.

Please keep these and other safety tips in mind so we can all enjoy the summer months together.