House Republicans are committed to increasing public safety. Among other important policies providing protections for Hoosiers, we enacted new laws to help motorists and keep serious felons off the streets.

Any Hoosier driver can now stop by their local fire department to request a free carbon monoxide test for inside their vehicle. Called Savannah’s Law, this policy was named after an Indiana high school student who died in a car crash after the deadly gas infiltrated her vehicle due to a faulty exhaust system.

Another new law ensures justice is sought for every life lost in a violent crime. Tragically, some violent crimes against pregnant mothers result in the death of their unborn children. Under this law, charges can now include murder and manslaughter if a person commits a felony that results in the death of a fetus, which could add up to 20 years to their sentence if convicted.

To curb illegal drug use and trafficking, a new law increases the penalty for anyone convicted of drug dealing that results in the death of the user. The dealers in these cases can be charged with the highest possible felony and sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison.

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