This election, Hoosier voters will decide through Public Question #1 if the Indiana Constitution should be amended to require the state legislature to enact honestly balanced state budgets.

Under conservative leadership, Indiana has maintained a balanced budget for the last seven years, along with a AAA bond rating from all three major credit agencies. Our state’s fiscal health and top-rated business climate helped lead to a record number of jobs in Indiana and record-low unemployment. Maintaining our strong fiscal health will help ensure this momentum continues.

If adopted, this proposed amendment would add an additional constitutional safeguard to prevent future legislatures from deficit spending gimmicks or passing debt on to our children and grandchildren. It would also specifically require state lawmakers to prioritize pre-funded pensions before making other budgetary decisions. These added protections will not impact pre-funded pensions for firefighters, teachers and police officers, as confirmed by the Indiana Public Retirement System and by the professional organizations that represent teachers and public safety officers.

To read the full question as it will appear on the ballot and the proposed amendment in its entirety, click here. The Indiana Retired Teachers Association also provides facts to correct rumors and misinformation, while the Indiana Public Retirement System has prepared a Q&A that can be found here.