This session, House Republicans are working on ways to put more dollars in teachers’ pockets. Three bills are making their way through the legislative process to help bolster the teaching profession and encourage schools to shift funds to educators.

Indiana spends more than $7 billion annually on K-12 education. Unfortunately, overhead costs have ballooned at many schools, and in some cases, less than 60 percent of the funding makes it to the classroom, taking critical dollars away from educators’ paychecks. To better compensate teachers, proposed legislation would incentivize schools to shift at least 85 percent of funds to the classroom. This new goal could free up millions of dollars and schools could drive funds to Hoosier educators and classrooms, potentially giving teachers statewide a 5 percent salary increase.

In addition, we are working to give teachers access to support and opportunities to grow professionally. Legislation would provide stronger incentives for schools to establish career ladders and mentorship programs where experienced educators would have the opportunity to earn more while helping guide new teachers during their first years in the classroom.

Another proposed law would establish a teacher residency grant pilot program. Similar to a traditional student teaching opportunity, the residency program would pair aspiring educators with veteran teachers for a full school year to gain critical classroom experience.

To track these and other bills, watch committee meetings and view session live, visit the Indiana General Assembly’s website here.