Severe weather can pop up at any time. Stay informed on road conditions and keep an eye out for scammers after a big weather event.

The Indiana Travel Advisory app was created to help Hoosiers stay aware of travel conditions to keep residents safe. Each county has an emergency management agency keeping a watchful eye on the weather 24 hours a day.

To download the app, visit the iTunes App Store or get it on Google Play.

After severe weather hits, Hoosiers should be aware of scammers who may take advantage of homeowners needing repairs.

Reputable contractors also visit storm-ravaged neighborhoods offering their services, but consumers should do their homework to make sure to hire trustworthy companies. Research any business or individual offering services. Look for signs of credibility such as official websites. Seek reviews and testimonials from former customers and avoid letting the emotional toll of a situation influence decisions about repairing or replacing items that are damaged or lost.

Follow these helpful tips to avoid falling for a scam:

  • Do not sign documents or agree to any repair work on the spot during initial contact with someone offering services. Instead, obtain the person’s contact information;
  • Do not provide access to your home to any stranger offering to perform a free inspection;
  • Do not fall for high-pressure tactics such as the claim that you will get the best deal by agreeing to hire a contractor immediately on the spot; and
  • Contact your insurance agency to find out your terms of coverage and ask for recommendations.

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