Indiana farms produce some of the highest-quality products in the world, but less than 10 percent of food purchased in Indiana is sourced from within the state.

Purchasing locally made and sourced products helps keep money in communities and supports the economy. Often, local businesses purchase from other local businesses, and these funds help grow a region’s tax base. Schools, public safety providers and volunteer organizations throughout the state benefit from this economic growth.

To help Indiana farmers and producers have a greater market for their products, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture created the statewide initiative, Indiana Grown.

Indiana Grown helps provide a clearer designation of which products come from Indiana. By allowing members to use the Indiana Grown logo on their products, the initiative helps consumers easily identify these goods while they are shopping.

Certified Indiana Grown goods can be found in a variety of locations across the state, such as grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores and more. Throughout the summer and fall, local farmers markets are also a great place to find Indiana Grown products right in the neighborhood.

Today, there are over 1,100 Indiana Grown members, including farmers, distributors, producers, processors, wineries, breweries and artisans. It has never been easier to start shopping local.

Visit to find a business or vendor selling Hoosier goods nearby, or apply to become a member. Farmers, producers, processors, artisans, retailers, grocers and restaurants can be a member or partner at no cost. As a certified Indiana Grown member, locally sourced products will be promoted and marketed through the program.

By purchasing more goods grown, raised, produced and processed in Indiana, consumers help keep dollars and food close to home, build sustainable communities and support fellow Hoosiers, while preserving the state’s agriculture heritage.