November is recognized as National Adoption Month, and this year’s focus is on adopting a child through the foster care system. There are currently more than 9,000 Hoosier children in foster care, and many of them are waiting to be adopted.

If you are able, consider welcoming one of Indiana’s most vulnerable into your life. A safe place to call home and a loving family can have a big impact on a child.

Many may think becoming an adoptive parent is difficult and costly, but most adults qualify after meeting these few requirements, including a background check, home study and 16 hours of training. There is no requirement for owning your home, being married or having children of your own. In fact, some children do better as an only child or in a single-parent household.

Throughout the month of November, the Department of Child Services is hosting events through the state. Click here to find a nearby event. Visit or call 888-25-ADOPT to learn about children eligible for adoption and how you can change a child’s life.