Hoosier schools are leading the way in displaying a significant commitment to our service members, veterans, and students and families connected to our nation’s military. Whether ensuring military families can turn to a designated point of contact for assistance or hosting an event so students can honor veterans, House Republicans appreciate the more than 60 Purple Star Schools throughout the state working hard on behalf of our nation’s heroes.

To be named a Purple Star School, schools met these requirements:

  • Assigning a point of contact for military families;
  • Passing a resolution supporting military students and families;
  • Hosting an annual military recognition event;
  • Recognizing service members and veterans with a public display; and
  • Guaranteeing interviews for service members and their immediate family who meet the minimum job qualifications.

As one of the nation’s most veteran-friendly states, Indiana is dedicated to those who defend our country’s freedoms. From preventing educational disruptions by allowing military families to enroll their children in K-12 schools before moving to phasing in a full income tax exemption by 2023 for military retirement pensions and survivors’ benefits, House Republicans remain dedicated to helping our military families.

Thank you to these Purple Star Schools, their staff and students for supporting our service members, veterans and families connected to our nation’s military.

To view the list of recipients, click here. More information about the Purple Star School designation is available here.