Every child deserves to thrive and grow, and House Republicans understand that parents are the ones who should be determining where their child learns. In Indiana, families are empowered and have a number of schooling options – including traditional public schools, public charter schools, nonpublic schools, virtual schools and homeschool – to best fit the needs of their child, regardless of where they live or their income. Our state continues to be a leader in school choice opportunities, teacher quality and innovation, ranking third in the nation on the Center of Education Reform’s Parent Power! Index.

A strong education system provides equal opportunities for every student to learn and succeed, and a child’s ZIP code or family’s income should not limit their options. With school choice, families customize their child’s education to ensure they thrive in the right academic environment and learn at their own pace.

Every child learns differently and some schools are better equipped to meet specific health needs, while others offer a completely different learning environment to help students grow outside the classroom. In Indiana, public school funding dollars follow the child, so a student can attend a public school outside their assigned district – the most popular educational choice. Qualifying families can receive a partial scholarship or voucher for their children to attend a nonpublic school.

This ranking reflects the commitment of House Republicans to school choice, and we remain dedicated to offering freedom and flexibility on behalf of all Hoosier children and families. Click here to learn more about your child’s school choice options.