For young Hoosiers, receiving a high-quality education can be a difference maker in their lives and lead to a successful future. Families across the nation celebrate Jan. 24-30 this year as National School Choice Week. The week represents the freedom and flexibility to choose a school that best meets the needs of all students.

Last year, Indiana ranked third in the nation for parent empowerment. The pandemic showed just how important providing flexible schooling options are for the many different academic, medical and social needs that students deal with on a daily basis.

Although Indiana currently has strong school choice programs, some students still don’t have effective education options available. Legislators have made it a priority this session to ensure more Hoosiers can exercise school choice.

Depending on a family’s income, students who attend accredited nonpublic schools can apply for a Choice Scholarship and be eligible to receive up to 90% of their tuition funding or as low as 50%.

House Bill 1005 would eliminate these financial barriers by providing 90% tuition support for every qualifying family and increasing the income threshold to help more Hoosiers. This proposal would also establish the Indiana Education Savings Account Program, which would provide eligible families funding to directly pay for tuition or education-related services from an Indiana school.

This legislation will be considered in the House Education Committee. Learn more about this bill and others at More information on National School Choice Week is available at