Last year brought sudden changes for everyone, and as many professionals transitioned to remote working because of COVID-19, so did Hoosier students. For some, this was not an easy adjustment. While necessary steps were taken to keep our children and educators safe, schoolwork became difficult as students switched between e-learning and classroom environments.

A recent study completed by Stanford’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes showed the average Hoosier student lost 129 days of reading knowledge and 209 days of math knowledge, as a result of COVID-19 disruptions. There is no doubt schools are going to need extra assistance to help students get back on track.

House Bill 1008 would establish the Student Learning Recovery Grant Program to help students experiencing learning loss due to the pandemic. This proposal would create a $150 million grant program to provide individuals or organizations resources to help students this summer who have fallen behind in class, scored below academic standards or are at risk of falling behind. By providing the tools necessary help close learning gaps, this grant program could provide additional support for students on their journey to get the most out of their education.  

The Indiana Department of Education, along with the State Board of Education, would determine program criteria for grants. Applying organizations, which could include local schools, colleges or universities, community or philanthropic organizations, and prospective, current and retired educators, would be required to submit a plan detailing the programs that would supplement a student’s regular coursework. The DOE would be responsible for overseeing the grant program.

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