Civic engagement is key to our representative democracy. To ensure our nation and democracy thrives, a bill recently cleared the General Assembly to require civics education be taught to students in middle school.

Hoosier students typically complete a government class their senior year of high school and civics education is woven into the middle school curriculum. However, there is no course dedicated to this important topic, and some younger students may leave school before graduation. House Enrolled Act 1384 would incorporate civics education into students’ curriculum sooner as they take at least one semester of a course dedicated to civics in grades 6, 7 or 8 – well ahead of when they reach Indiana’s legal voting age.

Young Hoosiers need to understand their government at the local, state and federal level, and learning civics from a young age will help prepare the next generation of strong leaders.

For more information on House Enrolled Act 1384, which is currently on the governor’s desk to be considered as a new law, visit

Check out your own civics knowledge with this practice test.