As the world becomes increasingly digital, criminals are using advanced technology to commit crimes and take advantage of Hoosiers. To keep our communities safe, law enforcement officers must be prepared to use cyber resources to track down and catch criminals. This session, we passed a new law helping law enforcement agencies partner with local university students to analyze digital evidence during criminal investigations.

This new law establishes the High Tech Crimes Unit Program where prosecuting attorneys can call on Hoosier college students to help gather and process digital evidence. The program is based on the success of the Tippecanoe County High Tech Crime Unit, which gave Purdue University’s Cyber Forensics Program the opportunity to partner with local law enforcement agencies. Students in related fields can now collaborate directly with prosecutors to analyze digital evidence in crimes such as child pornography, child abuse, drug investigations, murder, fraud and more.

The Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council will approve 10 units established by the High Tech Crimes Unit Program as well as oversee the selection of university groups to partner with under this new law, which will go into effect July 1. To learn more about this new law, visit