New tools and investments in training facilities and programs for Hoosier law enforcement will help departments throughout the state better protect and serve our communities. Now ceremonially signed into law, House Enrolled Act 1006 along with the new state budget supports police departments and their efforts to hire the best officers.

With total backing from law enforcement, bipartisan support and not a single “no” vote, this historic legislation authored by State Rep. Greg Steuerwald (R-Avon) (pictured) allows full employment record sharing between police departments to vet potential officers, and provides the state additional flexibility to address significant officer misconduct.

Indiana’s state budget also invests $70 million in additional funding for improved training programs and facilities, including at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy where many House Republicans joined officers in training for the ceremonial signing of HEA 1006. Departments can also apply for grants to purchase body-worn cameras.

House Republicans value Hoosier police officers, and thank them for risking their lives to protect our communities.