Indiana’s economy continues to grow, and our unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the Midwest.

Still, there are over 100,000 job openings across the state ready to be filled by hardworking Hoosiers.

To skill up and prepare to land high-paying, in-demand positions, check out Next Level Jobs. With Next Level Jobs, Hoosiers can receive free training in high-demand fields such as health care, manufacturing and information technology. Grants pay for all tuition and fees, and can be used at any eligible training provider. Hoosiers can earn high-value certificates giving them a competitive edge in the workforce.  

An additional resource is Indiana Career Ready, which helps prepare job seekers for in-demand careers regardless of their work experience. Hoosiers can access customized training and tools, like a job portal and resume builder, based on their background and experience.

To address Indiana’s skills gap, businesses are partnering with the state to help pinpoint areas needing more workers. Indiana Career Ready takes this information and aligns trainings for job seekers, or matches employers with workers skilled in the industry.

For Hoosier job providers, the employer portal can be used to attract talent, improve job descriptions and recruitment efforts, and access key data about Indiana’s labor market. Employers in key industries can apply for training grants offered through Indiana’s Next Level Jobs, which provides $5,000 for each employee who is trained, hired and retained for six months after participating in the program.  

Already, more than 23,300 Hoosiers earned certificates using the Workforce Ready Grant, and more than 50,000 are enrolled in qualifying programs. Whether adding new skills to your toolbox or seeking a new career, Next Level Jobs can help.