Businesses across Indiana are open and ready to serve their communities. This session, House Republicans focused on getting Hoosiers back to work and supporting job providers as they bounce back from the impacts of the pandemic. Several new laws now in effect will help local businesses get back on track and bolster our state’s workforce.

To support businesses, Senate Enrolled Act 1 and House Enrolled Act 1002 provide employers, schools and health care entities civil liability protections related to COVID-19. Temporary immunity protects them from lawsuits alleging COVID-19 exposure at their business. These protections are not for those accused of gross negligence.

House Enrolled Act 1004 supports jobs, employers and economic recovery by investing $60 million to expand the Hoosier Hospitality Small Business Restart Grant Program. Businesses across the state negatively impacted by the pandemic, especially those in the tourism and hospitality industry, are encouraged to apply for grant funding. The Small Business Restart Grants can be used to pay for a portion of business and payroll-related expenses. Learn more at

With House Enrolled Act 1009, those 24 years old or younger in a home receiving TANF benefits can earn up to $15,000 through internships or work-based learning programs, and not jeopardize their family’s assistance. The new law also increases the Earned Income Tax Credit, which will put over $10 million annually into the hands of Hoosiers.

Hoosiers with physical or intellectual disabilities who are entering the workforce will receive extra support from local and state agencies as a part of House Enrolled Act 1313. More than 17,000 individuals can access resources to obtain job- and life-skill training as they pursue independence.

Local businesses support our communities, provide jobs to hardworking Hoosiers and boost the economy. They are key to our state’s growth and vitality. For more information on these and other new laws supporting Hoosier job providers, visit